Our Founders Story

Our Beginnings

It began in Nashville

After growing up together in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, our Founders both went on to proudly serve our country. Frank joined the Air Force and Scott joined the Navy. This sparked their passion and continuous dedication to service.

Igniting the Entrepreneurial Spirit

After their years in service, our Founders practiced in many facets of tech and consumer product goods - including specialties in IT and sales and marketing. Their wisdom grew with age. Scott and Frank made many sacrifices for their communities’ well-being caused by father time beginning to catch up with them, posing many health challenges.  

The Pursuit of Health and Wellness

After spending a lot of time with physicians and other natural providers looking for answers to their health questions, Scott and Frank decided to dive into preventative medicine when it was not the most popular choice to make.  They sacrificed all they worked for and decided to devote their life 100% to wellness thru personal and entrepreneurial investments. They launched natural wellness centers nationwide for people relating to them, desperate for change and hungry for an incredible quality of life. 

The Birth of Harvest 615

After investing their time, energy, and resources in wellness clinics for over 15 years, Scott and Frank were growing tired of supplement products that were more focused on profits rather than relating to what people actually need.  Being responsible for several clinics that have served thousands of people and continue to do so is something they refuse to take lightly. They wanted to have better visibility for product quality, with products designed to make a difference. Thus, Harvest 615 was born.

The Advisory Board Entourage

Scott and Frank went to their top physicians, pharmacists, and natural product providers and tasked them to produce high quality formulations. After multiple versions of formulations and participation, we were excited to stand by our products. 

Why Harvest 615?

We wanted to go back to where it all started, the good old 615. Not to mention, Nashville quickly entered the top 30 markets in the US – A leader in the health, music, sports industry, and more. Our product line, Harvest 615, has the energy, vibe, and excitement of our hometown roots in Nashville, Tennessee.

Thank you for being here on this journey with us! 

Frank & Scott

Co-Founders of Harvest 615